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Ogg Vorbis coupled 5.1 is done.
We don't have the same level of funding but could start a pot with $10-$100 and
let people contribute to specific bounties through paypal.
=== OggVorbis 5.1 ===
5.1 Sound encoding in Ogg Vorbis.
There are two steps here. Simple coupling and lowpass for the .1 channel, and a full set of tuned modes.
They should be separate bounties.
:This should be implemented with ambisonics as the internally coupled channels, and then use ambisonic g-format filters for en/dec coding from and to 5.1. This will allow correct playback on many different speaker layouts and an easy path to headphone support.
For more informaton see [[Ambisonics]].
Proposed bounty: 500€
=== Xiph Quicktime Plugin ===

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