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Videos/A Digital Media Primer For Geeks/making

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* Produce VP8 encoding from the y4m file used for Theora
ivfenc filtered.y4m vp8.ivf -p 2 -t 4 --best --target-bitrate=1500 --end-usage=0 --auto-alt-ref=1 -v --minsection-pct=5 --maxsection-pct=800 --lagin-frames=16 --kf-min-dist=0 --kf-max-dist=120 --static-thresh=0 --drop-frame=0 --min-q=0 --max-q=60
* Mux the audio and video into our first-stage WebM filemkvmerge vorbis.ogg vp8.ivf -o outputfirst-stage.mkvwebm
* mkvmerge by itself doesn't generate a fully-compliant WebM file; mkclean will make the last necessary alterations
mkclean --remux outputfisrt-stage.mkv webm A_Digital_Media_Primer_For_Geeks-360p.webm

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