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Talk:Videos/A Digital Media Primer For Geeks

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Video vegetables (they're good for you!)
Hi there, great tutorial, but in fact the most common DVD standard is 720 pixels by 480 pixels, with a pixel ratio of 0.9, yielding a device aspect ratio of 1.35. I understand that you're trying to simplify the lecture to 4:3 aspect (1.333) for newbies, I think this is ultimately misleading, since the vast majority of DVDs are not sampled at 704x480. --Dryo
: Sort of-- the most common encoding is 720x480, but with the crop area set to 704x480; that's what the standard calls for(I was being sneaky when I said 'display resolution of 704x480'). Many software players ignore the crop area rectangle and also display the horizontal overscan area. Many software encoders also just blindly encode 720x480 without setting the crop area. It is a source of *much* confusion. --[[User:Xiphmont|Monty]]

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