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'''Vorbis''' is a patent-clear, fully open, general purpose audio encoding format standard that rivals or even surpasses the 'upcoming' generation of proprietary codecs ([ 开锁][httpWikipedia:// 公司取名Advanced Audio Coding|AAC][ 公司起名]and [ 宝宝起名][httpWikipedia:// 宝宝取名TwinVQ|TwinVQ][ 产品取名][http://www, also known as VQF) 产品起名]There is no raw Vorbis stream defined, instead the Vorbis codec is typically used in the [ 起名公司][ 取名公司Ogg][ 广州起名][http://wwwcontainer format for audio files.seo88Because for a long time the Ogg container was quasi exclusive for Vorbis people often refer to it as 'Ogg Vorbis'.com/guangzhouquming/ 广州取名][http://wwwLater the FLAC audio codec as well as the video codecs Theora and Dirac began to be used inside Ogg 取名网站]In 2010 the [ 起名网站][ 婴儿起名WebM][ 婴儿取名][http://www.seo88format was defined using the Vorbis codec inside the WebM 风水][ 起名字]libvorbis, a BSD-licensed source implementation of Vorbis as a library is available; See the [http://wwwxiph.seo88.comorg/gaimingvorbis/ 改名Ogg Vorbis page][ 网站推广][http://www.seo88for documentation, downloads and distribution 广州网站推广][ 广州网站排名]Many hard- and software players support Ogg Vorbis; see [ 广州网络推广][ 网络推广][http://wwwor the links below for a list of all the players we know 开锁][ 公司取名][ 公司起名]== More information ==[ 宝宝起名]* [ 宝宝取名][ 产品取名][ 产品起名][ 起名公司][ 取名公司][ 广州起名][ 广州取名][ 取名网站][ 起名网站][ 婴儿起名][ 婴儿取名][ 风水][ 起名字][ 改名][ 网站推广][ 广州网站推广][ 广州网站排名][ 广州网络推广][ 网络推广][ 开锁][ 公司取名][ 公司起名][ 宝宝起名][ 宝宝取名][ 产品取名][ 产品起名][ 起名公司Vorbis Hardware][ 取名公司][ 广州起名]List of hardware-players supporting Ogg Vorbis* [ 广州取名][ 取名网站Vorbis Software Players][ 起名网站][ 婴儿起名]List of media players that can play Ogg Vorbis* [ 婴儿取名][ 风水Vorbis Software Encoders][ 起名字][ 改名]List of libvorbis frontends* [ 网站推广][ 广州网站推广Vorbis Decoders][ 广州网站排名][http://wwwList of decoders ( 广州网络推广]Xiph, Tremor, JOrbis, etc)* [ 网络推广][ 开锁Vorbis Encoders][ 公司取名][http://wwwList of encoders ( 公司起名]Xiph, aoTuV, GT, vorbis-java)* [ 宝宝起名][ 宝宝取名Vorbis-tools][ 产品取名][http://www.seo88Reference tools maintained by 产品起名]org* [ 起名公司][ 取名公司Games that use Vorbis][ 广州起名][ 广州取名]List of games using Ogg Vorbis* [ 取名网站][ 起名网站VorbisStreams][ 婴儿起名][ 婴儿取名]Stations streaming with the [ 风水][ 起名字][ 改名Vorbis][ 网站推广]codec* [ 广州网站推广][ 广州网站排名VorbisCasts][ 广州网络推广][ 网络推广]Audiocasts publishing Ogg [ 开锁][ 公司取名Vorbis][ 公司起名]feeds[ 宝宝起名][ 宝宝取名]== External links ==[ 产品取名]* [ 产品起名][ 起名公司]* [ 取名公司][httpWikipedia:// 广州起名Vorbis][ 广州取名]* [ 取名网站][http:test/multiformat128/ 起名网站html 128kbps public listening test]* [ 婴儿起名][http:org/forums/ 婴儿取名php?showtopic=35438 80kbps personal listening test]* [http://www.seo88hydrogenaudio.comorg/fengshuiforums/ 风水][ 起名字php?showtopic=36465 180kbps personal listening test with classical music]* [http://www.seo88maresweb.comde/gaiming/ 改名][http:listening-tests/mf-128-1/ 网站推广htm 128kbps public listening test][ 广州网站推广][ 广州网站排名][httpCategory:// 广州网络推广Vorbis][ 网络推广]

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