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'''Vorbis''' is a patent-clear, fully open general purpose audio encoding format standard that rivals or surpasses the 'upcoming' generation of proprietary coders ([[Wikipedia:Advanced Audio Coding|AAC]] and [[Wikipedia:TwinVQ|TwinVQ]], also known as VQF). There is no raw Vorbis stream defined, instead the Vorbis codec is always (?) typically used in the [[Ogg]] container format for audio files, and was called Ogg Vorbis for long time since the Ogg container was quasi exclusive for Vorbis. Later [[FLAC]] audio codec and [[Theora]] and [[Dirac]] video codecs began to be used inside Ogg too, and in 2010 the [[WebM]] format was defined using the Vorbis codec inside the WebM container, rather than Ogg.
libvorbis, a BSD-licensed source implementation of Vorbis as a library is available; See the [ Ogg Vorbis page] for documentation, downloads and distribution terms.

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