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Non-PC playback support: linked portable players
== Non-PC playback support ==
FLAC is supported by a wide range of devices such as. The [[PortablePlayers#Portable Vorbis Native Support Table|portable players Vorbis support matrix]] also contains information about FLAC support. Other examples of FLAC supporting devices are:
* [[PortablePlayers/Flash#Cowon.2FiAudio_D2.2C_F2.2C_T2.2C_U3.2C_U2.2C_G3.2C_5.2C_G2.2C_U5.2C_7|iAudio ]]:
* Kenwood Music Keg
* Naim HDX :
* PhatNoise Home Media Player
* PhatNoise Phatbox
* [[PortablePlayers/Harddisk#Rio Karma|Rio Karma ]]:* [[StaticPlayers#Slim_Devices_Squeezebox.2C_Squeezebox2.2C_Squeezebox3.2C_Transporter|SlimDevices Squeezebox ]]:
FLAC is supported by the following chips and/or chipsets:

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