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== Windows ==
*[ Theora Converter .NET] Batch convert almost any video file to OGG Theora format. This application is a graphical user interface for ffmpeg2theora 0.26 based on GFrontEnd.
*[ Ogg Streamer] A Windows application to stream directly from a webcam to an Icecast server.
*[ Virtual Stage] Includes an application to encode to Theora, forces fixed size and encoding parameters though. Registration required.
*[ GFrontend] GUI Frontend for ffmpeg2theora. An unsupported / discontinued open source project.
*[ Theora Converter .NET] A GUI frontend for ffmpeg2theora based on GFrontend. Supports 2 pass encoding with ffmpeg2theora 0.26.
*[ MediaCoder] Application to encode media files into many target formats, including Theora.
*[ SUPER] General purpose converter application, also serves as a frontend to ffmpeg2theora.

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