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IDABC Questionnaire 2009

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The following questions allow an assessment of accessibility and conformance safety:
* Does a mechanism that ensures disability support by a formal specification exist? (Y/N)
: Yes. Xiph ensures support for users with disabilities by providing specifications for accessible technologies independent of the codec itself. Notably, the Xiph [ OggKate] codec for time-aligned text and image content provides support for subtitles for internationalisation, captions for the hearing-impaired, and textual audio descriptions for the visually impaired. Further, Ogg supports multiple tracks of audio and video content in one container, such that sign language tracks and audio descriptions can be included into one file. For this to work, Xiph have has defined [ Skeleton] which holds metadata about each track encapsulated within the one a single Ogg file. When Theora is transmitted or stored in an Ogg container, it is automatically compatible with these accessibility measures.
* Is conformance governance always part of a standard? (Y/N)
: No. Xiph does not normally provide a formal conformance testing process as part of a standard.
* Is a conformance test offered to implementers? (Y/N)
: Yes. Xiph maintains a freely available suite of [ test vectors] that can be used by implementors to confirm basic conformance. Also, Xiph's and an [ online validation service] is a freely available service that can be used by anyone to check confirm basic conformance, in addition to tools such as the oggz-validate program included with liboggz, which has been widely used for conformancetesting.
* Is conformance validation available to implementers? (Y/N)
: Yes. Informal conformance testing is available to implementors upon request, and Xiph has provided such testing for a number of implementations in the past. The oggz tools contain a validation program called oggz-validate which implementers have made massive use of in the past.
* Is conformance certification available? (Y/N)
: Yes. Xiph does not require certification, but maintains the right to withhold the use of our trademarks from implementors that act in bad faith. Implementors may, however, request explicit permission to use our trademarks with a conforming implementation.

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