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Possible additions restrictions trap
High quality images in OggSpots will look very weird with 256 low-quality images overlays.
It probably won't look good.
: Kate is not limited to 256 color images. These can be encoded natively, but any other PNG
: image may be embedded too, including non paletted images.
: As for MNG, there is a MNG mapping for Ogg too.
Please do allow the embedding of shared data (fonts).
What is your opinion about svgfonts?
: I have no opinion about svgfonts, as I do not know about them.
: I have proof of concept support for SVG images in Kate, but there are unresolved issues.
: It'd be nice to have SVG in, and I suppose (but only suppose) SVG fonts would automagically work then. [[User:Ogg.k.ogg.k|Ogg.k.ogg.k]]

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