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List of Theora videos

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=== Serial and Episodic ===
;[ Geek Entertainment TV]: A weekly video-cast covering technology topics, in an interview format. Many ''Ogg Theora'' format videos in the 2007 and prior archives.
;[ ElectroVid]: Learn basic electronics from a electrical engineering student attending University of York.
;[ Iternautas Television]: Spanish website with clips from the Andaluzian station. Content licensed under CC-BY-NC.
;[]: A video sharing website which allows the upload and the download of ''Ogg Theora'' files.
;[ Dailymotion OLPC Group]: A dedicated space to save the videos created by XO users.
;[ Dailymotion Openvideo BETA]: Dailymotion repository of videos hosted in a Theora format.
;[ Engage Media]: A video sharing website which focuses on social justice and environmental issues in South East Asia.
;[ EvoVid]: An HTML5-based video hosting website which supports Ogg video and (unrelated) WebM.
;[ G.I.S.S. TV]: Global Independent Streaming Support. Free streaming services for free media. Free as in cost, free as in software. Individual videos are shared on the [ Distributed Media Database] webpage.
;[ Omploader]: A streamlined video sharing website for ''Ogg Theora'' encoded files up to one gigabyte in size.
;[ Theora Sea]: A directory of online and free videos using [ ITheora].
;[ TinyVid]: An originally experimental Ogg video uploading site, which exists existed to test out usage of the HTML 5 video and audio elements with the Ogg codecs. You'll need a web browser that can playback Ogg media using ''video'' Could pick videos from Youtube and ''audio'' tagsoffer OGV for viewing or download. Now back online, videos are there, but no longer download+convert from Youtube and login required to display this video media.upload (doesn't work ???)
;[ V2V]: A video syndication network which uses only open source software, in order to provide free and equal access to the video source.
;[ Wikimedia Commons]: An archive database of [ more than 46'000'000] media files ([ over 2500 4400 of them] are video), to which anyone can contribute.;[ JV-Video]: Anime, Asian content sharing. In beta test.
Note: A list of video sharing websites which support the ''upload'' of Ogg files can be found on [ Wikipedia], all of them however will force-convert all incoming videos into a "flash" format, thus apply a "free and lossy into proprietary and lossy" conversion. The page ''doesn't'' contain any information about video services allowing to ''host'' files in OGG format.
;[ Big Buck Bunny] (2008): An open content, short animated film by the Blender Institute. Also known as by the project codename, Peach. Available in 720p and smaller sizes.
;[ Elephants Dream] (2006): An open content, short animated film by the Blender Institute. Also known as by the project codename, Orange. [ More about the project...]
;[ Sintel] (2010): Another open content, short animated film by the Blender Institute. Codename: Durian.
;[ Internet Archive]: Thousands of digital movies which range from classic full-length films, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to videos of every genre.
;[ Lego Movies]: Two short movies: ''A New Computer'' and ''Swim''.
=== Streaming Media ===
;[ ECSL]: El Software Libre 2009 conference streamed video a live broadcast of presentations live June 18-21. (Spanish language)
;[ Editing Archive TV]: Streams unlicensed Japanese anime, amateur machinima films, and video game captures.
;[ Phil's Nest Box]: Live video from nest boxes in the UK.
;[]: Provides video producers open-access to online media streaming, in a format stylized after a television channel.
;[ WebTV]: Télévision libre - Contenu Libre. (French language)
;[ BroggCast]: Provides several sections of OGG encoded video.
=== GNU/Linux Philosophical ===
;[ Fedora 9]: Video demonstration of Resizing feature in Fedora 9. (Hebrew language)
;[ FOSDEM Speeches]: Video recordings of ''Free and Open Source'' developer talks held at FOSDEM editions from 2005 and onward.
;[ Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009]: 55 videos under creative commons license. The sound is mostly bad, as if the input to the dynamic range compressor is saturated most of the time.
;[ KDE 4.2]: Announcement of the new KDE free desktop solution uses several videos to demonstrate the new features.
;[ KDE Day]: Video recordings of technical talks at a conference commemorating the release of KDE 4, in Toulouse, France.
;[ Drupalcon 2008]: Recordings of conference speeches in ''Ogg Theora'' format. Drupal is an website framework and ''Free Software''.
;[ Envy Casts]: Tutorials available for download in ''Ogg Theora'' after purchase. Instructor led training for Ruby on Rails computer programming.
;[ Firefox 3 Screencast.5]: Various Firefox 3 .5 screenshot and advertising videovideos, can be viewed inside browser or downloaded in OGV or MPEG format
;[ Firefox] and [ Opera] HTML5 Tests: Implementation examples of the HTML "video tag", using ''Theora'' video formats.
;[ HTML5 Demonstration]: Anne van Kesteren's Fronteers HTML 5 presentation which has ''video'' tags embedded in the presentation itself.
;[ PeepCode Screencasts]: Hour-long instruction videos that teach Ruby on Rails website development.
;[ Realeyes Demonstration]: A [ GPL-licensed] ''C'' library of functions that maintain state information and analysis results about streams of data. These instructional videos walkthrough a network Intrusion Detection System application, based on this library.
;[ Screencasters at Heathenx]: A weekly blog illustrating just the fundamentals of Inkscape and using SVG format.
;[ Thunderbird Presentations]: University students presenting information about their experiences within the Thunderbird project. Thunderbird is an open source email client, for desktop computers.
;[ Timeline Widget]: A visual introduction to a simple web widget, which illustrates scaling, zooming, and panning.
;[ Bitlet]: A prototype for a P2P video sharing and video hosting service.
;[ Battle of Wesnoth Trailer]: The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy computer game with a fantasy theme. Video licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.
;[ City of Vancouver Archives]: A historical preservation society in Canada that specializes in images and film-based moving images.
;[ Dictionary of war]: is a collaborative platform for creating concepts on the topic of "war", to be invented, arranged and presented at a public, two-day event. The aim is to introduce a series of concepts that either play an important role in the contemporary discourse of war, have so far been neglected, or have yet to be created.
;[ Geek Entertainment TV]: A weekly video-cast covering technology topics, in an interview format. Many ''Ogg Theora'' format videos in the 2007 and prior archives.
;[ Lawrence Lessig Videos]: Video recordings of speeches and presentations given by Lawrence Lessig on such topics as copyright ''fair use'' and the Creative Commons License. Various media formats, including Theora-encoded.
;[ Open Government Petition]: Lawrence Lessig and the Mozilla Foundation have created an online petition for a technologically open (USA) federal government. The video on the web site is in three formats, including ''Theora''.
;[ Pragmatic Programmer]: Technical tutorial screencasts for sale. Some screencasts and screencast previews are available in ''Ogg Vorbis'' format, including ''The Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming'', ''Erlang by Example'', and ''Everyday Active Record''.
;[ Scribus Tutorials]: Several video tutorials for Scribus, a desktop publishing application, for various skill ranges.
;[ regional/ulm/chaosseminar/ Ulm CCC Chaosseminar]: Computer-security conference speeches. (, download directory with many files including OGG Theora videos, German language)[]
;[ Wintercamp]: Video interviews with participants of the 2009 Institute of Network Cultures conference.

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