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Vorbis Software Players

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iPhone: +link iOS
* [ zinf]: zinf is not freeamp, freeware player
* [ vuplayer]: multi-format freeware audio player with very easy interface
* [http://www.illiminablexiph.comorg/Oggdshow/ directshow filter]: adds support for Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, Ogg Theora, Ogg FLAC, and native FLAC to any directshow-compliant player such as windows media player and bsplayer
* [ musikcube]: freeware player
* [ ksp sound player]: freeware player with lyrics, media library, suggestion searching and automatic playlist generation
* [ huelix audio converter]: audio conversion software to convert among Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MP3, and WAV formats
* [ c6 messenger]: italian instant messenger with audio/video call based on speex/theora (
* [ CorePlayer Pro]: By the makers of TCPMP. Costs $19.95US.
* [ Acquire Digital Signage and Kiosk Software]: Plays back all ogg media using the included DirectShow filters.
== Multi-platform ==
* [ HelixPlayer]: Open source player from RealNetworks
* [ Jajuk]: Jajuk is software that organizes and plays music. It is a full-featured application geared towards advanced users with large or scattered music collections. Using multiple perspectives, the software is designed to be intuitive and provide different ways to perform the same task.
* [http://www.mozilla.orgcom Firefox]: Open Source web browser versions (HTML5 audio OGG Vorbis support since version 3.5, WebM with Vorbis sound since 4.0, OGG Opus since 15)* [http:/developer/#builds Firefox 3ffmp3.sourceforge.1 Alphanet FFMp3]: Open Source web browser (Alpha quality softwareflash)streaming player
=== proprietary software ===
=== free software ===
* []Mpxplay: supports many formats(OGG Vorbis, OGG Opus, FLAC (raw and inside OGG), WAVPACK, MP3, ... also can play sound from video files (OGG, WebM and some other formats)
== GNU/Linux & *BSD ==
* [ Whamb] – supports Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Vorbis streams, requires Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and greater
* [ kJams] – Karaoke program which supports encoding (or re-encoding) of any audio type to Ogg Vorbis, enables editing of comments with the [[VorbisCommentEdit|VCEdit Framework]], requires 10.3 and the [ XiphQT] package. [ More Info].
* [ CorePlayer Pro]: By the makers of TCPMP. Costs $19.95US.
== Other ==
* [ Xbox]: the [ Xbox Media Center] is an open source project that transforms a modded Xbox with Linux into a media center and streaming client.
* [ Rockbox]: A replacement firmware developed for various digital audio players such as the Ipod, various Archos players, and more. It uses the Tremor library to implement Ogg Vorbis playback.
* [ Sony Playstation Portable]
** [ lightmp3] is a GNU GPLv2 licensed player which supports Ogg Vorbis and FLAC playback on the PSP.
=== proprietary software ===
* [ POGGPl]: still in alpha-stage
* [ The Magic Lantern]: still in alpha-stage
* [ com/downloads/tcpmp/ The Core Pocket Media Player(TCPMP)] ([ Wikipedia article]): Formerly (formerly and now once again) known as BetaPlayer) media player that uses . Uses [[Tremor]].* [ BetaPlayer] (website in development ? Dead as of 2010-Feb): Continuation (and precursor) of TCPMP.
=== proprietary software ===
* [ Pocket Tunes]: costs 14.95 US$
* [ AeroPlayer]: gratis for Ogg. MP3 support costs 20 US$
* [ CorePlayer Mobile]: By the makers of TCPMP. Costs $29.95US.
== PocketPC ==
* [ GSPlayer] (WM5/WM6)
* [ PocketOgg]: player that uses [[Tremor]] (PPC2002/PPC2003/WM*): Uses [[Tremor]].* [ The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP)] ([ Wikipedia article], version 0.72 Beta seems to not be compatible with PPC2002): formerly Formerly (and now once again) known as BetaPlayer. Media player that uses Uses [[Tremor]]. (version 0.72 Beta seems to not be compatible with PPC2002)* [ BetaPlayer](website in development ? Dead as of 2010-Feb): continuation Continuation (and precursor) of TCPMP (website in development).* [ Today Player]: a Today screen plugin.
=== proprietary software ===
* [ Conduits Pocket Player]: costs Costs $19.94US.* [ PocketMusic](PPC2003/WM*): Costs $19.95US.* [ CorePlayer Mobile]: by By the makers of TCPMP. Costs $29.95US.
== Symbian ==
* [ Ogg Vorbis Controller]: plugin for Symbian's Multimedia Framework that allows decoding and playing back of Ogg Vorbis compressed audio files
* [ CorePlayer Mobile]: By the makers of TCPMP. Costs $29.95US.
== iPhone ==
=== free software ===
* See work in progress on [[iOS]] page
=== proprietary software ===
* [ FStream]: A no-cost webradio listener/recorder software, which supports [[Icecast]] directory browsing and decodes [[Vorbis]] streams. No "jailbreak" required.
* [ yxplayer]: for-pay video player, which can play Vorbis audio and Theora video. In app store, no jailbreak required.
== Android ==
=== proprietary software ===
* [ RockPlayer]: A NoCost FFMPEG based player that handles most of the formats including OGV/Theora stored on disk. Needs Android 1.6-2.2 with ARM processor.

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