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Timed Divs HTML

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<video i="video" src="" controls> <itext id="caption1" category="CC" lang="en/us" src="" style=""></itext> <itext id="caption2" category="CC" lang="de/de" src="caption.tdht" style=""></itext> <itext id="subtitle1" category="SUB" lang="de/de" src="german.dfxp" style=""></itext> <itext id="subtitle2" category="SUB" lang="jp" src="japanese.smil" style="></itext> <itext id="subtitle3" category="SUB" lang="fr" src="translation_webservice/fr/" style=""></itext>
Notice the second set of closed captions being a TDHT file.
The id tag is simply a unique identifier for the tag.
The category is from [ Ogg text categories].
The lang contains a natural language according to [ language codes].
The src element contains the actual file URI that we are after.
The style element allows to attach styling to marked-up import files.
The <itext> element would act like an <iframe> element and create the nested browsing context described earlier. It has been renamed from earlier mentions of this approach from <text> to <itext> to avoid name clashes with e.g. SVG.
attribute DOMString category;
attribute DOMString lang;
attribute DOMString nameid;
attribute DOMString style;
enable(itextElement): activates display of an itext file
disable(itextElement) : deactivates display of an itext file
delay(itextElement, seconds) : delays the itext file in relation to the video file by a positive or negative number of seconds

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