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Timed Divs HTML

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added some API suggestions
The <itext> element would act like an <iframe> element and create the nested browsing context described earlier. It has been renamed from earlier mentions of this approach from <text> to <itext> to avoid name clashes with e.g. SVG.
The user agent would then provide an interface such as:
interface MediaItextElement : HTMLElement {
attribute DOMString src;
attribute DOMString category;
attribute DOMString lang;
attribute DOMString name;
attribute DOMString style;
In javascript there will need to be additional functions such as:
getItext (): returns an array of time-aligned text elements
addItext({src,category,lang,style,name}): adds a time-aligned text element to a <video> or <audio> element
enable(itextElement): activates display of an itext file
disable(itextElement) : deactivates display of an itext file

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