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Todo list for

If you're interested in helping out, this is a good place to start. Also, asking on irc (#vorbis, #theora, #annodex or #xiph on is a good way to get oriented.


  • Ices needs Speex support
  • Icecast toolchain needs support for WebM.
  • Icecast toolchain needs support for CELT. NOTE: CELT Ogg encapsulation may change.
  • Oggenc and Ogg123 need OggPCM support (encoding and playback respectively)
  • Test and fix 'downstream' applications
  • Create Xiph.Org conference swag: brochures, posters, toys, demo disks, etc. (don't do this without coordinating with folks)
  • More HTML5 multimedia content for our websites, both useful things like presentation videos and the primer as well as (tasteful) dancing baloney.
  • Update the todos

Several projects have their own todo lists in the wiki.

We always need people to help with the websites as well.

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