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* [ LEON resouces]
* [ LEON resouces]
* [ LEON architecture]
* [ LEON architecture]
* [ Complete description of the LEON3 integration]
* [ Documentation and resources about the LEON3 integration]

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This is a list of hardware of all categories, from chipsets to ready-to-use products, that support Ogg Theora.

Hardware support status for Ogg Theora is a new thing, but it seems it's sometimes included even if not advertised. If you can't find a suitable player come back next week, or ask your vendor if they could add support.

If you know of any hardware or projects that are not yet mentioned here, please add them to the list.


Consumer products

These players support Ogg Theora either out of the box or after a firmware upgrade.

  • COWON D2. Supports playback of Ogg Theora video, out of the box.
  • COWON O2. Supports playback of Ogg Theora video, out of the box. Updated design of the COWON D2 model.
  • KiSS DP-1500. Not advertising, but reportedly supports playback of Ogg Theora. Probably other KiSS products, too?

Non-consumer products


The Elphel 333 can encode a Theora stream.


Currently there is a hardware decoder implementation being developed. The Google Summer Of Code 2006 (author's university projects page) began to produce an FPGA decoder implementation in VHDL and now there is another "Summer Of Code 2007" project (description) to work on it together with another independent developer.

Here are two presentations that the author of the SOC 2006 proposal presented in his University:

Architecture and current state of development


  • Felipe Portavales Goldstein (portavales at gmail) - Website
  • Leonardo de Paula Rosa Piga (leonardo.piga at gmail) - Website
  • Andre Costa

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