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some samples to test your theora decoder

a decoder must play all these files without problems to comply with the theora specification.

320x240.ogg [0.3 MB]

   * simple example

320x240.ogv [0.3 MB]

   * simple example with Skeleton Stream

320x240.skeleton+cmml.ogv [0.3 MB]

   * simple example with Skeleton and CMML Stream

pixel_aspect_ratio.ogg - Frame Aspect Ratio: 1.82/1 [1.8 MB]

   * defined pixel aspect ratio in header,
     it also has a theora comment header

videotestsrc-720x576-16-15.ogg - PAL DVD format / Frame Aspect Ratio: 1.33/1 [422K]

   * defined pixel aspect ratio in header

322x242_not-divisible-by-sixteen-framesize.ogg [0.3 MB]

   * if you see a black border around the testimage you should have a look at the Spec/2.2 on page 22, to see how to use: ti.width, ti.height, ti.frame_width, ti.frame_height, ti.offset_x, ti.offset_y

chained_streams.ogg [2.4 MB]

   * all other samples as a chained stream. (see Spec/A.3.1 on page 157)

[171 K

   * another chained file

mobile_itu601_i_422.ogg [8 MB]

   * 4:2:2 pixel format, mainline encoder does not support this right now, but its allowed in the spec and libtheora's decoder can decode it(since alpha8).

stockholm-vfr.ogg [1.8 MB]

   * Hybrid 24fps/30fps clip encoded as 120fps with dropped frames.

[0.2 MB

   * Ogg Theora video with large offset, output should look like offset_test.pass.png, but not like

ducks_take_off_444_720p25.ogg [7.2 MB]

   * Ogg Theora video 4:4:4 pixel format.

sign_irene_cif-3qi-b.ogg [1.3 MB]

   * Ogg Theora video using 3qi (adapative quantization).
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